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OOC community for Sherlock on Twitter
A twitter RP of BBC's "Sherlock" started via texting between kittencuffs and solidfoamsoul.

This community is for members of the RP and those who follow it!

- Anyone wishing to join our RP should apply by posting to the community and please give a few example tweets and a small background of character.
- Any OOC business such as major plot points, ideas for plot points, personal canon facts that everyone should know, and warning of RL shenanigans that would stop one from sending/receiving Tweets for a extended period of time go here in this community.
- Please remember to discuss non-canon previous history with players before hand. Saves people from being irritated with another making up something about the other and literally having no idea of the story behind it. Try not to do that at all, that's called God-Modding and it's a big no-no.
- Major plot points must be approved by the mods before they are carried out.
- Direct Messages are ideal for OOC comments, as well as "off screen" happenings that others need to know about.
- Remember that this RP is based on Twitter, the idea being that each character has their own Twitter account.
- Actions/dialogue that are face to face would be typed as such: @tothepersonyourewith *walks in room* "Hello, how are you?"

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