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On returning and Lestrades Profile

Just to let you all know, I should be back for good from here on in - will let you know otherwise! Uploading while travelling, so excuse mistakes - will be running the show solely from my phone for a few days.

Also, Lestrades profile is below (think of it as a sorry for disappearing so suddenly!) - let me know what you think :)
Hope you're all good!

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Oct. 23rd, 2010

A quick note to all - resurfacing family issues at the moment have meant I've been absent yesterday and today, most likely tomorrow (23rd) also. Will be back as soon as I can. Sorry if I'm delaying anything; the soothers case sounds really cool, can't wait to get back to it :)
Apologies again,

Case of the Poisoned Soothers part 1

These are notes for the investigators - Sherlock, John, Anthea and anyone else reviewing evidence, surveillance etc.

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edit: Other useful links:
description of the parcel wrappings
description of the Mrs Hudson statuette
newspaper story
Heads up: Sister's birthday today. Sher-Cock may be scarce. Pretend he's... thinking. Or something.

Oct. 18th, 2010

I'm ready to try again later today if everyone else is. :)

*pink phone rings*

Tomorrow we're going to play a little game Jim has been cooking up for a while. There will be things for Sherlock to investigate and should be some involvement for the other characters too.

Especially one character in particular, who I believe just happens to be the one active character Jim hasn't mocked, menaced, romanced or otherwise irritated over Twitter so far.

If you lot have fun with this, I may have ideas for a few more in future.

(In fact I'd intended to start this a couple of weeks ago, hence some cryptic tweets from Moriarty at the time along the lines of "haven't they arrived yet", but RL scheduling caused me to wait until I could be sure to have some free time.)

edit, Thursday: And we're live! Ready to start whenever the Baker Street dwellers are all ready.

Progress on Anthea's profile!

Added some stuff to Anthea's profile. :D/

I've been laptopless at home for almost two weeks, and will remain that way for at least another, and writing a character profile on an iPod Touch is kind of inconvenient and slow, so... I'll just update it in bits as I work on it, rather than wait till I do most of it. Anyway, I really wanted to get the career bit up.

Plot ideas!

So, plotting and scheming, as per my job description as designated henchman...

Jim's writer and I had a short-term plot idea involving reporting the puppies as stolen and trying to get them confiscated.

I've also got one or two longer-term ideas simmering, concerning how Sebastian might be used, and the baddies trying to draw Lestrade into the little game without getting Mycroft too interested. I'm wondering how things are progressing with Molly too.

Any thoughts there, and have you guys got any other ideas in mind?

(Unrelatedly, I find myself quite shamelessly shipping Lestrade and Anthea. They're rather cute in each other's vicinity.)
@jim_from_IT's tweets aren't showing up on my feed. Haven't accidentally blocked him. Anyone else having an issue?

(To the mun: So sorry, I'm not ignoring you intentionally!)