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Alone - Sherlock (BBC) AU

Title: Alone
Author: solidfoamsoul
Word Count: 936
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Spoilers for "The Reichenbach Fall"
Disclaimer: Un-beta-ed. I came up with it while taking a nap, so forgive me if it leaves more questions than answers. That's just the name of the game, though, isn't it, with this show?
Summery: AU. John visits his therapist and discovers more than he's ready to.

I was so alone... and I owe you so much.Collapse )

Sometimes it's hard to be a sidekick...

[Sherlock is flirting with Moriarty, which seems to be happening far too much for their writers' sanity, and is generally distressing the whole entire world with its unholy not-rightness...]

sun_goes_where: @dont_be_obvious *preens* #

John: *comes downstairs, mobile in hand* "Ah, Sherlock? What the bloody hell are you *doing*?!" #
Sherlock: "Tweeting." #
John: "Yes, I can see that. You remember that is the man who cracked my ribs, bruised my jaw, nearly froze the puppies...?" #
Sherlock: "Mhmm." #
John: *cold look* "So glad to see where Sherlock Holmes's loyalties lie." #
Sherlock: *finally looks up, slightly surprised* "It's all part of the game, John. Surely you realize that much." #
John: *frustration, exasperation, rage, take your pick* "The *game*?! You--" *promptly changes course, spins on heel, snatches coat* "I'm going out. Don't wait up." # #
Sherlock: *not rising to John's tantrum* "While you're out, pup need food." #

sun_goes_where: Next time I'm in the market for an assistant... remind me not to be. #


[As part of whatever their disturbing game is, Sherlock recently sent Jim a vial of formaldehyde with a fingerbone inside...]

Bastion: "Sir, I have concerns." #
Moriarty: "And banal, humdrum concerns I'm sure they are." *fully realises Sebastian will keep on until he listens* #
Bastion: *with the usual practised patience* "You and Holmes the younger." #
Moriarty: *picks soldering iron back up* "And I hoped you'd surprise me with something new." #
Bastion: "You realise, don't you, that he's only stringing you along?" #
Moriarty: *bitch, duh! voice* "Er, yes, that's why it's fun!" #
Bastion: *is really very VERY patient, and hence still alive* "I think he hopes to keep you distracted." #
Moriarty: "And he isn't succeeding. Now, have you any more agonisingly obvious observations to share?" #
Bastion: "So, shall I take the finger-bone in the jar and have it disposed of?" #
Moriarty: "Technically it is a vial, and you may leave it exactly where I have placed it." #
Bastion: "Very well, Jim." *I-hope-you-know-what-you're-doing glance; leaves him to his soldering* #
Moriarty: *cranks up music (Eurobeat Brony over Shostakovich's Fifth)* #

one_red_dot: @damnmyleg_sorry Would you object if I contacted you? #

(Er, poor Bastion? Possibly? What do you guys think of him, anyway?)

Incidentally, I humbly suggest you don't try Jim's several-pieces-of-music-at-a-time fetish at home. The things I subject myself to for research. The Soviet composers treading a deadly line between outward conformity to the Party and speaking to the hearts of the public. The Eurodance tracks about cartoon ponies making dresses. The horrible, horrible juxtaposition.

Ever have one of those "outmanoeuvred by your own villain" days?


(James Tiberius Niccolò Moriarty, you are a complete, fulsome and unadulterated bitch. And I'm not at all sure I believe those are really your middle names.)


Cast and Contact List, Open Character list

Decided to make a new entry for the cast list, as the old one required so much editing that it would just be easier to rewrite it while formatting. The new list includes our newest player, like_the_shadow as Mycroft Holmes.

Cast and Contact List

Sherlock Holmes: @sun_goes_where
Ali, kittencuffs
Contact via DM

John Watson: @damnmyleg_sorry
Lara, solidfoamsoul
AIM: Newzgirl85

Jim Moriarty: @dont_be_obvious
Herm, hellmutt
Contact @Suitov

Sebastian Moran: @one_red_dot
Herm, hellmutt
Contact @Suitov

Mycroft Holmes: @mycroft_says
Jo, like_the_shadow
Contact via DM to Mycroft or @josinclair

Francesco Holmes-Watson: @iamthefatone

Bowie Holmes-Watson: @lickeverything

Available for auditions:
DI G. Lestrade
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Mrs. Hudson
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Molly Hooper

Harriet Watson

Sally Donovan


Sarah Sawyer

Dec. 23rd, 2010

So, since it's just the three of us playing now...

I was thinking of deleting this comm. It seems useless to me to act like there's so much effort going into this game that we need it. If we had more people, maybe...

Minor updates

Made some minor updates to Jim's profile, mostly clarifications regarding personal appearances, sex and Lestrade/Lestrade's team.

Basically, as I'm sure you've all guessed but probably bears clarifying for new members, Jim lies pathologically over Twitter. :)

...I am so enjoying the ice cream and flirting. AND YET ALSO TERRIFIED BY IT. Approach/avoidance confliiiict. D:

Open character: Harry

Letting everyone know that Harriet "Harry" Watson is now available to play.

Thanks to fisher_queen for playing with us and good luck on her first year of teaching!

(Negotiations are in for the twitter name of "not_harriet" if whoever wants to take over would rather take that name instead of making up their own. Either way, if you wish to play Harriet, let either myself or kittencuffs know!)

Dirty, dirty girls...

An absolute terrible likeness to our dear Benny, (could be reason for the apology at the end) but a damn catchy song. And it's so very true.

Weebl strikes again!!

Shame they missed the mark of his look so damn far when they did a nice job with Stephen Fry!


A little Jim and Bastion fic

I don't think I've ever written fanfic before, so judge leniently, my dears. It's just a short conversation. Oh, and Sherlock almost dies.

To Jim Moriarty there was only one "he", at least these days. So Moran had no need to ask "who?" and risk a sarcastic rejoinder when Jim snapped, apropos of nothing:

"And he isn't an empire-builder, not like me. No ambition at all. Frittering his powers away after trifles, chasing prestige and appreciation!" Those nouns were accompanied by a venomous curl of the lip. Jim leaned back in his leather swivel chair and tapped something into the terminal behind him without looking.

Bastion Moran, though inclined to agree, kept his response neutral. "He's certainly different in scope. And affiliation."

"When he could be so much more. Ugh, it's maddening. His very existence, this flirtation of his with the police, all of it, it's a gigantic insult to me."

Everything was about Jim sooner or later.

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Moriarty profile

tl;dr: Jim Moriarty is a criminal genius, obsessively organised, powerful and very probably unhinged. He is obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, but in exactly what way is not clear.

(I've made some updates to Bastion's profile too since taking over writing our Jim-lad.)

a retired Asian optometrist living outside LutonCollapse )